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Enable feature-flags, control SaaS pricing plans

Developers, focus on what you do best and leave the complexities of subscription management, feature toggling, and plan customization to us. Our service streamlines the integration process, focus on your core product while empowering your sales and marketing teams with flexible, easy-to-use tools.

Elevate your SaaS

Maximize your SaaS potential with our integrated management tool. Effortlessly manage features availables for your plans and user insights, enabling strategic growth and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Feature flags management
Easily configure and customize your application's features to meet the dynamic needs of your market, change package and pricing when you want.
Plan customization
Tailor your SaaS plans with customizable options like seat numbers, document limits, and storage capacities. Activate or deactivate features based on your client's preferences to perfectly align with customer needs and business objectives.
Client-Specific insights
Record each client's current plan, sales-unlocked features, and historical data, along with current consumption rates. Empower your sales and support teams with detailed insights to enhance customer engagement and satisfaction.

Why choose our service?

Take control of your SaaS by customizing features, adjusting subscription plans and understanding customer behaviors, all through an easy-to-use API and code blocks for seamless integration.

API-Driven integration

Quickly integrate your system using our robust API, enabling seamless connection and synchronization without extensive development effort.

Feature flags system

Implement feature flags effortlessly within your app, allowing for dynamic feature management and rollouts without disrupting user experience.

Sales-Driven customization

Empower your sales team with a backoffice that allows for real-time plan and feature adjustments, directly impacting sales strategies and customer satisfaction.

Marketing agility

Respond rapidly to market demands with the ability to modify features and plans swiftly, ensuring your offerings remain competitive and aligned with customer needs.


Eliminate the need for in-house development of complex subscription management systems, reducing overhead and focusing your budget on growth.


Our platform scales with your business, offering the flexibility needed to expand your feature set and customer base without the hassle of backend overhauls.

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